How to Choose a Diamond Ring?

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A solitaire ring is a metal ring on which a diamond is set. This ring model has been around for hundreds of years, it is a great classic in the art of jewelry and has been declined in all shapes, from the most classic to the most modern.

Most of the companies got specialized in the production of solitaire diamond rings singapore, many have their own jewelry workshop due to increased demand.  Generally solitaire rings are made of gold and platinum, which are set with a diamond in the cut shape of your choice round brilliant, princess, heart, etc.

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The diamond which you buy should be of excellent quality. Everyone know that the heart of a solitaire ring is the “diamond” and therefore one should choose it with great care.  Even if a ring has the most beautiful setting and the most beautiful design, if the diamond is badly cut or badly proportioned the piece of jewelery will not look beautiful because it will neither shine nor sparkle!

The solitaire ring with 4 claws is the most classic model and the best-selling diamond ring.  The diamond is held by 4 claws.  The claws must be well calibrated and the grasping must be done according to all the rules of the art.

The solitaire ring with 6 claws is less well known, it has a more discreet style than the solitaire ring with 4 claws.  The diamond is held by 6 claws, which are smaller and less visible than the claws of the 4-claw solitaire ring, so that they better accentuate the diamond.  So the 6 claw ring is a good choice because even if one claw is damaged, the diamond is still held by the other 5 claws.  The risk of losing the diamond is therefore lower than with a ring with 4 claws.

 A solitaire ring with a bezel setting has a metal setting around the diamond.  The advantage of this setting is that the diamond stays on the setting and is almost impossible to lose.  The metal that surrounds the diamond hides more of the light.  Since the diamond is a light reflector that needs light in order to be able to glitter, rings with a bezel setting shine less.

The solitaires are all made to order, made to measure and in many jewelry workshop according to old custom.  Every piece of jewelry that the shop make is therefore unique.