Benefits of Nude Calendars: Get Your Important Dates Relevant Again

So you’ve made the decision to create a “nude” calendar, or maybe you bought one. What kinds of benefits should you expect by being part of this growing trend?

1.) The first benefit is obvious… It can increase your social circle. They may not all want to work with you but they will want to know who you are and talk about their own interest in naturism or perhaps invite you for a visit to the local nude beach.

2.) Some people with an interest in naturism remain closeted and do not go near any clothing optional activity. A nudist/naturist calendar will give them the courage to join clubs or attend gatherings.

3.) Nude calendars give nature enthusiasts, especially those who are new to naturism or casual visitors, something more than just an image to take away. It gives them a taste of what it is like and encourages them to seek out a local club or beach for a visit.

4.) The calendars must be distributed through well-known sources such as good quality print shops, retailers who carry calendars, catalogs etc., naturist clubs, websites and word of mouth. In this way the popularity gets spread by itself. Distribution will result in increased public awareness that nudists/naturists exist in their community and around the world.

Nude Calendars

5.) Anyone interested in increasing the size of their family should consider joining a nude club. Many families have been created from these types of activities. You can’t expect to meet your soul mate and start a family in a bar. A nude club provides the opportunity for both sexes to socialize on an equal footing.

6.) When you produce a calendar, whether it is for local distribution only or throughout the country/world, we recommend that you follow this with another one every year as long as the first one sells. This will almost guarantee increased sales of all future calendars as word gets out about how well they sell. The second calendar could be on a different subject from the first but not too different. It should have some things in common such as naturism which gives people a sense of continuity between at least two calendars. Now that your “first” calendar has been out for a while you can bring out the second one.

7.) To maximize your chances for success it is best done in concert with an organized naturist/nudist organization which has experience in doing calendars. They usually have already established contacts to facilitate distribution and can give you advice on production, etc. This way you will be able to market your calendar to a much larger audience since they generally have hundreds of members who are likely buyers.

Calendars that feature hot guys, sports stars or famous people alone may not sell as well unless it has some nudity thrown into the mix somewhere. Nude calendars appeal more to women than men because women buy more calendars, are better at decorating their homes with them and are somewhat visual about what’s being photographed so it has to be something they like.

Nude calendars are a colorful and tasteful way to show your artistic side and body off at the same time. It’s something people won’t mind showing their friends or leaving out on display where others can see them even if it is just in an office cubicle.