Construction and durability

Construction and durability

Money clip

Money clips are the embodiment of simplicity. They are a simple and effective way to carry some cards or bills and fit perfectly in your jacket pocket. In addition, money clips can be made with many types of materials, from classic leather to steel. They can also have an attractive design, giving you another way to enhance your style mens leather wallet with coin holder singapore.

When you travel abroad, you will obviously bring more stuff. Instead of stuffing your wallet up to the gills, opt for a travel wallet. Made to hold passports and other forms of identification, travel wallets are essential for long stays abroad. They can be made from any material to suit your needs. Leather looks great for business travel, while waterproof materials keep everything safe when you’re out on adventures. That said, they are not for everyday use and should never be relegated as such.

Long wallets

The main advantage of a long wallet is its ability to hold banknotes flat without having to fold them. This type of wallet is not meant to be kept in trouser pockets and is best placed in the briefcase. Some people suggest putting a long wallet in the back pocket of your pants, but we find it unsafe and unflattering.

mens leather wallet with coin holder singapore

Made from only the most robust and proven materials, this wallet is made for more than just a wallet. Made from 100% premium leather, this Bifold wallet is just great for everyday use. An elegant and aerodynamic design that gives a sporty touch to all the costume you wear.

This wallet gives great strength and is safe and soft. Handmade leather wallets gives a timeless technique that can slide right into your bag. This is not fake leather like extra purses, but strong goatskin. Definitely worth spending a little extra money on this wallet.

The beauty of this wallet arrives from its plainness. The fabric of wallet is constructed to year and won’t tear even if it accidentally lands in the water.

  • Professionals
  • Lots of pockets and space
  • No extra mess
  • Good durability
  • Convenient to carry
  • Against

Quite expensive and less featured than other wallets

In short words If you want something thin, light, leather, with no compartments for extra documents and photos, and something as simple as credit / debit cards on the left, licenses on the right, don’t be skeptical about this Nike wallet. This will fit snugly in your pocket without any cluttered feeling.