Not just rompers: other types of newborn clothing

We have said that there are different models of newborn rompers that adapt to every type of need based on the materials and therefore also based on the temperatures. For this reason there are several types: long or short sleeves, half or full legs, with or without feet. Rompers with feet are the most recommended immediately after childbirth and for the first few days thereafter. Especially if the baby will be born in view of the winter months, choosing a onesie with feet will help protect it from the cold newborn baby girl clothes singapore.

An important feature that you need to take into consideration when choosing baby clothing is its closure mode . Usually, especially the onesie, they have automatic or pressure buttons, they are the most common ones because they guarantee simplicity and speed in their opening and closing, they facilitate the moment of dressing and undressing of the newborn.

The most common ones have these elements as a double closure, that is in the central back part, from the mid back to the neck and in the crotch of the shorts. In the most modern designs, it is possible to find buttons that follow particular lines giving character to the onesie.

For example, some close like a wallet, others have rear openings at the waist, to facilitate changing the diaper without having to completely undress the baby. We do not recommend the latter to new parents, as it is more difficult the “sweeping” operation … it is better to do a little practice first! We move from simple and essential baby rompers to those with particular elements: round collars, pacifier pockets, those that recall the model of a dungaree. Up to more elaborate and in some cases even elegant models, such as those that re-propose formal jackets complete with a bow tie and bow tie.

These are very special. Often the onesie that because apparently they seem to be composed of several overlapping pieces such as t-shirt and dungarees or even those with the vest and shirts, in reality the look is a one-piece made with a single material.

Generally this type of newborn clothing is excellent as a gift idea  because it also aims at aesthetic involvement. Not surprisingly, these are often accompanied by birth sets that can combine with the onesie, a hat, shoes or mittens.